Protecting MOdel Aviation!

"Eric's knowledge of the ongoing FAA dilemma has him poised to make quick and correct decisions ..."

Jim Rice, AMA's FAA Work Group

Eric Williams has earned a strong reputation for defending model aviation. Eric is the only AMA officer running for President that visited Congress on behalf of our hobby!  These efforts helped in the recent extension of the Special Rule for Model Aircraft. 


Eric has has met with numerous Federal and State Homeland Security reprsentives, law enforcement, and elected officials on behalf of our hobby.  His efforts in District 2 have successfully reduced, and in most cases defeated or stopped state, county and local laws that would harm model flying.  Eric has built relationships with these numerous public officials, who now better appreciate AMA clubs and members as Safe and Responsible! 

With the overwhelming support of over 150 AMA members, Eric led the charge at a recent legislative hearing in Albany County, NY.  An onerous proposed law would have grounded ALL model aircraft there.  With Eric's leadership, the standing-room-only crowd of modelers watched as the law was soundly defeated!  

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