Meet Eric

"Eric has the scope and breadth to successfully lead AMA into the future."

Mark Smith: Past AMA Executive Vice President

Eric began modeling in the 1960's at age 8, with a built-up balsa airplane given to him by a neighbor. Eric and a life-long friend taught each other to fly R/C by learning from each others' mistakes. Not the best way to learn, but Eric and his friend were very determined. Of course, today Eric recommends the best way to learn modeling is from experienced AMA modelers and clubs!

Eric understands modelers learn from each other, and that's what makes our hobby so special. Whether it's Free Flight, Control Line or Radio Controlled, our varied interests provide lessons we can all share and learn from. 

Had it not been for a neighbor's generosity and the determination of two friends, Eric may have never pursued his life-long hobby of model aviation. These experiences define Eric's motto; "It's not about what you fly, it's about the people and the friends you make." 


Eric's AMA Committee Experience: 
  • Bylaws
  • Museum
  • Marketing
  • Staff Liason
  • AMA Foundation
  • Executive Director Review
  • Advanced Flight Systems
  • Ad-hoc Legal Review
Commitment to AMA and Modeling: 
  • First donor to the AMA Foundation
  • Education Trailer Promotion and Support
  • AMA Foundation Promotion and Support  
  • Donated Professional Services to AMA
  • Accomplished Club Officer/Various Positions
  • Represented AMA to Federal, State and Local Govt.
  • Defeated and Reduced Onerous Model  Aviation Legislation
Eric's EC Motions have: 
  • Enhanced TAG Grants
  • Increased Flying Site Disaster benefits
  • Delivered Lifesaving AED grants
  • Provided a Free Club Events Calendar (in development)  
  • Improved Rules for Modelers in Competition.    

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